Have you imagine underwater experience without letting your head and face get wet, walk along the sea floor together with family, friends and be a witness all kind of the sea life. Well that experience is Seawalker. Seawalker established in January 2001 as the first underwater activity in Bali with unique diving system, designed for anyone looking for an underwater experience, a large full face window in the Seawalker helmet offers a close up view of beautiful underwater world, colorful corals and playing with amusing cute fishes. One of the great advantages of the Seawalker Helmet is that for those who wear glasses or contact lenses, you can wear it on your Seawalker adventure as your face stays dry. Safety is the most priority, Seawalker pay full attention to the clients safety and liability so there are no serious accidents or dangerous condition in this underwater experience it is also to prove and support that as a world destination Bali is a beautiful island in Indonesia, which has been famous for its wonderful sea bottom.

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